Bro Tunji’s wedding preparations was in high gears, it was a week to the wedding and all hands were on deck to make sure it was a success. Well let me tell you a little fact about this brother tunde, and why everyone was working hard to make sure his wedding becomes a success.
Brother Tunji is one of the most committed brother in our church, in fact he loved God so much that everybody loved him because of his consistent and hardworking service towards the things of God. Bro Tunji never missed any service, even when he was sick he will always  and still find strength to come to church. He led so many units in church and always had a function or more to handle every Sunday.


Parents loved using Bro Tunji as an example to their children, the single sisters in church always wished and prayed he would propose marriage to them,well I wasn’t left out o who would want a man like brother tunde. I had even given Bro Tunji so many green lights but that guy is so focused that he doesn’t even notice me. He is Jovial, Social, fun to be with and so smart, but he never allowed any sister to get too close to him, he always said that “God is his lover” and we sometimes thought that he would end up like Apostle paul in the Bible( who never married) .
So you can imagine the shock on some of our faces when Bro Tunji’s wedding was announced some months ago, Everyone in the church was so happy for him, but some sisters were sad and jealous and they didn’t hide it, I could see them squeeze their mouths and hissed silently when the leader of service announced the wedding. I felt a pang of jealousy too, but thank God for the Holy Spirit, I quickly pushed the thoughts from my mind, He deserved all the best though i said to myself. Everyone was also curious to know the lucky lady, that finally won the heart of Bro Tunji, reason be that her name was not mentioned, she must certainly be a lady from another church so we though.

Everybody wanted to see the wedding card to know this lucky lady that came to reap from where she didn’t so oif we were to be frank about this news. I manged to make some enquires after service that day from our chief usher, but I was quite confused by what I saw. I saw the lady’s name Beloved?, I looked more closely and realized that the lady’s parents name or state weren’t there, it was just Bro Tunji’s parents name and state that was there. I was really surprised because since I was born till now I have never seen a wedding card like that, you can laugh over it but it wasn’t funny, not has such thing happened in the history of church marriage.

There was no clue at all to know who the lady was. I gently gave the wedding card back to the head usher and went home, And now it’s just one week to the wedding and yet, no one knew the lady in question, we were really curious and at the same time anxious to know this lady. But since everyone loved Brother Tunji we all worked and planned towards his big day Las Las( At the end ) we all knew that on the D-Day we will get to know who this lady is.

fast forward to the dateof the wedding, i mean the big day came! The day we all have been waiting and planning for weeks, The church was getting filled up gradually, lot of exotic cars were flying in, different colours and attires were seen everywhere, the sweet aroma coming from the church kitchen was something else. It was indeed a happy day, the service started proper, songs were sang, prayers said and it was time for the groom to match in, the entrance was grand, the flower girls matched down to the altar wearing colourful smiles and dropping beautiful flowers, the little groom, men in suit, bridesmaids and little bride followed after them. Then it was time for the groom to match in, our very own Brother Tunji, the whole church jumped and clapped for joy, he looked so amazing and handsome, the spotless white suit he wore made him look angelic. The lady that is getting married to Bro Tunji is indeed very lucky, he was perfect and secretly i was still wishing it was me and i know that was the secret wish in every sister’s heart that day. He got to the altar and stood there, smiling radiantly. The keyboardist began playing the beat of the song “Here comes the Bride, Here comes the Bride” And we all were eager to see his bride, because our gazes were now focused on the entrance of the church, the Pastor was already standing in front of the church, ready to join Bro Tunji to his Bride. After ten minutes of waiting, Bro Tunji gently collected the microphone from the pastor’s hand, we were surprised, but turned to listen to what he wanted to say, and this was what he said.


“Good morning everyone, I am so glad to be here today, and my happiness on this day is boundless, I am really grateful to you all for coming to celebrate with me, I know you all will be wondering who my beloved is and what her name is. Well, my beloved is already in church and I would like to call her up to join me take this vows of Holy matrimony.” At that instance we all looked from back to front and from side to side to see where his bride was seated. He continued “And I want to also tell my beloved that I love her so much and I choose her because of my undying love for her, I saw so many ladies but she alone captured my heart, she is my heart desire. So with a clapping ovation, can we all kindly stand up as I make welcome my beloved to join me here in the person of Miss Scarlet Tim.”
It was as if time stopped ticking, everyone stopped clapping and all gaze went to Sister Scarlet.


Hmmmmm, Scarlet of all people,  Is Bro Tunji really alright, that was the words on everyone lips, you might be confused  about what was going on or who sister Scarlet is that made people wonder. If there was another word for gross and hulled, it should be Sis Scarlet, this lady had done so many evil and abominable acts, she had committed countless abortion, who even knew if she had a womb again, She was a battered young lady with no sense of direction, to even think that she is so ugly with her very bugly(big) eyes and big nose. Her dressing is totally another topic, She wore both short and tight clothes to church sometimes we even thought she came seduce God, so many people have talked to her about it, but she nevered listen to any of them, so she was left to be. What exactly did Bro Tunji see in Sis Scarlet, for God sake he deserves someone better not an empty lady. To even crown it all, Sister Scarlet was just called out from suspension last Sunday, she was accused of stealing a phone from the church and it was found in her hand bag, she had to be placed on back seat (Suspension) by the disciplinary committee. Or did she use Jazz(Voodoo) on Bro Tunji even someone that is just a month old in the church knew that scarlet was the cheapest commodity in the church. Didn’t he see so many beautiful and wonderful girls in church, hmm. Everything was like a drama. Sis Scarlet was so shocked that she started crying, her red skimpy gown stuck to her body as her tears flowed freely. Bro Tunji did not mind the stares and murmurs from the congregation, he gently walked down to Sis Scarlet’s seat, took her hands and walked he to the altar. When he got there, he looked at her, smiled at her and said, “I have always loved you my dear Sister Scarlet. Though you have done so many badand evil, I have never held it against you I want you to be my wife and my lover forever. Let me take away your shame and reproach and let my love fill all areas of your life.


I have loved you with an eternal love.” Sis Scarlet could only cry the more,  a lot was going through her mind, was she dreaming or what, she nevered imagined that she will ever get married to anyone because of her bad records, not to even talk of the perfect Bro Tunji, she was speechless. In the deepest part of her heart she felt joy, love and peace. She knew Bro Tunji was sincere, she knew she will be complete and made whole, she knew she has been saved and redeemed. She knew this love is forever!!!

The End..

Hello readers, this is just a short story that portrays the great love of Jesus for us, we were sinful, dirty, stinking, unworthy, and empty. But yet Jesus took us, loved us, died for us, and called us his own. No level of our atrocities made him detest us, that even while we were yet sinners, he died for us. Jesus is waiting at the altar for his bride and you are his bride, he knows you are not perfect, he knows you are weak and battered, but he still wants you, he wants to take your yokes and burdens and give you his, for his yoke is easy and hid burden is light. He wants to make you perfect and whole. He just wants you to come to him and love him too and take the vows with him to say“I DO, YES I WILL, YES I WILL BE YOURS FOREVER.”
Isaiah 1:8 “Come now let us settle the matter says the Lord. Though your sins are like Scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they are red as Crimson, they shall be white like wool.”
«Invite Jesus into your heart today and love him forever. Accept him today, so that you will be a part of the great wedding feast of the lamb in Eternity. Good day my beautiful readers, JESUS LOVES YOU.»





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